Executive Partnerships

Could you use an extra member of staff?

Building on the success of Dan’s Executive Partnership Program this year, we’re expanding it in 2015.

“We feel we have a better understanding of the drivers for positive school culture and where we will be moving resources and effort to build positive resilient learners due to this partnership.”

Andrew Ough – Mildura Senior College, Vic

An Executive Partnership allows your school to engage Dan in 2015 to deliver three face-to-face sessions with either your staff, parents or students as well as being available to your school – as and when required – for advice, guidance, coaching, or mentoring throughout the year. Dan also provides an online learning space to promote self-directed learning amongst your staff.

“Working with Dan has awakened in staff a mindfulness of their own professional and personal well-being. In turn, this impacts upon the well-being of the students in our care. The staff have also been challenged to recognise their positive achievements and to see challenges/problems as an opportunity for finding new directions.”

Sue Guilfoyle – Holy Family School, Granville East, NSW

Dan is able to work with small groups of staff, with students, the whole staff, parents or your whole learning community.

Executive Partnerships are specifically tailored to meet the needs of your school.

“Dan has an ability to relate with students and staff with stories that engage and have concrete materials and examples to support change. He also listens to the needs of who he is working with to adapt the materials and message to suit.”

Phil – Bradfield Senior College, NSW

Dan works with schools across Australia and spots will again be limited so if you’d like to hear more about the Executive Partnership Program please drop Samira a line at Haesler HQ by filling in the form below.

BTW – For Schools outside of Australia we’ll be offering an online EP program, consisting of tailored online learning, webinars and video presentations/chats. Just let us know if you’d like to hear more about the online options!